Announce the Enterprise's 1-2-8 Strategy


WM Motor founder, chairman & CEO Freeman Shen showed up in public for the first time and revealed the '128 Strategy'
for WM Motor future product plan; focuses on 1 key architecture, generates 2 vehicle platforms and offers minimum 8 high-quality
mainstream smart cars, starting to launch at least one new car in market from 2018.

The Foundation-laying Ceremony For
Weltmeister EV Smart Industrial Park
in Oujiangkou


WM Motor had the foundation-laying ceremony for its EV Smart Industrial
Park in Oujiangkou, Wenzhou. Starting from 2016, construction of parts
plant and autonomous driving testing area will begin, and the park will
reach a full production capacity of 200,000 vehicles annually.

Million KM Test Completed


The first production car on WM Motor’s first platform
has an accumulated test mileage of more than
one million kilometers.

Global Industrial Fund Established


Established a 12 billion RMB global industrial fund with the
goal of supporting partners in WM’s upstream and
downstream value chains, to jointly build smart mobility

Debut of "AG2020" --The First Concept Car on
WM Motor’s second Platform


“AG2020”, WM Motor’s first concept car on the second platform made its debut.
AG, short for avant garde, means to be pioneering and ahead of the curve.

Its performance of ”fully charging in 30 minutes, endurance
mileage of 1200 miles and acceleration time of 2.2 seconds
in 0-60 km/h”marks the goal that WM Motor has set for
production car by 2020.

The First Concept Car on WM Motor’s second Platform


The Public Test for WM Charging App On-line


WM Motor’s first product of mobility service --
WM Charging APP is open for testing on line.

About us

As China’s emerging EV products and mobility solution provider, WM is dedicated to providing consumers with a convenient and vastly improved
mobility experience thanks to its global talent pool, avant-garde technology as well as industrial development and manufacturing resources.