Weltmeister EX6 Plus

Post-subsidy Starting Price: ¥189,900
Starting MSRP: ¥239,900


Weltmeister EX6 Plus

Comfortable interior design is seemingly built around the driver to function as an intelligent interactive space.


Smart technology effortlessly adapts to your lifestyle. Living Engine learns from your every interaction.


Equipped with WM Motor's Living Motion E-powertrain and industry-first Thermal Management 2.0 system.


Multiple safety features built into the software, hardware and design.


Unique lighting system

Over 220 LED lights
• LED front headlights • Integrated LED taillights • Flowing turn signal • Intelligent "Living Logo"

A WM "Welcome"
Retractable door handles, "Living Logo" and vehicle headlights automatically activate to welcome the driver on approach.

Lots of Space

Slim body design, <0.3 extra-low drag coefficient.

Trunk space for any occassion Seating for five Light load Camping

Plenty of headroom.

Large trunk space with adjustable folding rear seats.

Tranquil interior space

Panoramic sunroof. 1.14 sq.m panoramic glass roof shields occupants from excessive heat during the day while providing unobstructed sky views.

Quiet cockpit, immersive audio. Professionally tuned, WM theater-like immersive surround sound.

Seating design maximises comfort and relieves sedentary fatigue.

Automatic air quality monitoring and purification. AQS air conditioning system equipped with air filtration, active PM2.5 control and fragrance diffusion.

Premium material Interior designed using a wide range of high-quality soft fabrics, including Nappa premium leather seats, piano paint panels and high-gloss chrome trim.

User-friendly technology *Liquid fragrancing not provided.


Spacious and Beautiful Design

Interactive Functions

‘Xiaowei’ Onboard AI Assistant

Industry-first automatic control functions through ‘Xiaowei’. Road condition updates. Romantic Mood Lighting. "Cinema Mode" – creates a theatre-like interior setting

Facial recognition - hardware and software settings adjusted automatically according to driver preference.

Connectivity to Smart Home appliances.

Atmospheric interior lighting with 64 colour variations.

Active Safety

Xiaowei provides you with a full range of active safety functions.

12 automatic vehicle health assessments: - Power systems, chargers, tire pressure, battery, brakes - Air conditioning - Motor temperature - Motor performance

360° parking vision systems

‘Living Engine’ Infotainment System

The front-facing camera activates your WM Motor "Super ID", adjusting the cockpit hardware and software settings according to your preference and syncing your personal online accounts to the vehicle.

Social media Users can join the WM community in WM Motor’s proprietary social media platform, sharing stories of their driving experience, favorite locations and travel photos.

Online user-to-user interaction.

‘Xiaowei’ Interaction

Online knowledge base.

Human-like interaction – can distinguish between driver and passenger commands.

A variety of voice modes.

Mobile phone / Apple Watch control.

Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates.

Smart comprehension (70 wake-up commands).

Spacious and beautiful design

Interactive Functions

Long-Range Battery

All-weather Battery Pack

WM Motor’s battery thermal management system is designed to suit China's regional climate differences, allowing the battery to operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -30 °C , or +50 °C.

Thermal Management 2.0 Industry-first thermal management system that makes use of thermal heat in the battery pack for air conditioning, greatly reducing energy consumption and adding about 20% range in winter.

Battery degradation only 5% after 160,000km driven.

Fast charging from 30% to 80% in 35 minutes.

High Performance

160 kW electric drive system, 315N·m of torque.

Multiple driving modes (ECO, Sport, Comfort or Customised).

Horiba Mira tuned chassis.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) - Standard, Comfort, Sport.

High stability braking system, 39-meter ultra-short braking distance.

Custom Michelin tires.

Battery Safety Standards

WM Motor’s battery pack has exceeded all standard safety tests, often exceeding national requirments.

Smart Pedal

Easily control acceleration, cruise speed and deceleration.
Regenerative braking system increases battery range by about 4%.

Interactive Functions

Long-Range Battery


Battery Protection

High-strength steel housing and frame protects the battery modules; reserve buffer space reduces the chance of intrusion; external coating isolates the battery from high temperatures.

Passed 66 national safety tests, achieving 2X the national standard safety score in 16 tests.

IP68 waterproof and dustproof.

Five-star Safety Rating

High-strength steel cover provides maximum protection against intrusion.

Effective impact protection. The vehicle design ensures effective energy absorption in the event of an impact.

Side-collision protection.

Maximum resistance to side impacts.

6 airbags (including front and rear curtain airbags).

Living Pilot L2 ADAS Advanced Driving Assistance

The most comprehensive L2 driver assistance system of its class, customized for China's unique road conditions. 1 front HD camera, 3 millimeter wave radar, 4 surrounding cameras, 12 ultrasonic radars.

Security guard mode* If the vehicles senses movement while locked, the driver will be notified automatically via the WM App and even given access to the on-board cameras.

Bosch 9.3 ESP stabilization and traction control. *Available before July 2020 via OTA update.

Long-Range Battery


Spacious and beautiful design

Product Highlights

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